About LFB3

LFB3 LLC is a Wellness Consulting firm, specialize in facility design, management, operation, sales and marketing, equipment procurement, human capital strategy and company branding.

We understand what it takes to operate profitable, efficient and seamless wellness centers. From commercial fitness centers to community centers and private residences, LFB3 LLC creates supportive environments that inspire people to live well, hence improving their quality of life, while partnering with you to develop new sources of revenue while impacting more people.

Wellness Consultation Services

Facility Design

Our facility design services are individualized and end-user focused. We help you reimaging your new or existing space, every corner of the facility will focus on enhancing staff / user experience and revenue generation.

We value open space and utilizing every usable space. With room to move, people can think beyond their traditional concept of fitness, and explore more with fellow colleague, members and staff. Everything about the design, including materials, can be tailored to your team, environment, and needs.

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Sales & Marketing

We focus on outcome, never on theoretical. This means you will receive comprehensive analysis on your existing sales operation to identify Strength, Weakness, Areas of Opportunity and Threat.  We have coached and developed sales operation for some of the nation’s largest health clubs, with proven result that shows real difference in numbers. 

We understand modern day marketing blended with person-to-person approach. We know how to utilize available technology to make real impact on sales figure. We don’t pay attention to irrelevant metrics, we only focus on outcomes.

Facilities Management

Launch a new facility or transition vendors easily

We make it easy to switch to our fitness center services or launch a new facility. We’ll coordinate with current staff and service vendors to make the seamless transition, so your employees are excited to work with us.  You’ll have full ongoing fitness center management and staffing support to keep your employee fitness services not only running, but hit new markers.

Leave facility operations to us

Our fitness center management services cover everything your employee fitness center needs to run smoothly, including standard operating procedures, marketing and outreach, member enrollment, service and supply budgeting, fitness program planning, safety protocols, reporting, and customer service standards. We create the optimal member experience so you can rest assured your center and your employees are well taken care of.

Provide Qualified, Expert Staff

Our team of experts focus on developing meaningful relationships with your employees. These connections enable our fitness center staff to create personalized programs and initiatives that draw more employees into your fitness center.  We routinely bringing in industry expert, celebrity trainers and keynote speakers to constantly improve member / staff experience.

Services to Produce Desirable Result

Depending on your space, resources, and employees’ interests, your fitness center services could include one-on-one assessments and coaching, group exercise classes, motivational wellness challenges and special events, personal and small group training, massage therapy, and the latest trend in wellness world. All of this will be tracked, measured and analyzed to produce desirable outcome.